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Today is (since yesterday evening till the sunset this evening

For your jewish ritual circumcision (Brit or Bris Milah) anywhere in France, Europe or elsewhere,
you can reach me by E mail
or better and faster with a call

at my office : (tel/fax) 331 ,
or at home: (tel/fax) 331 42 35 26 10 .
Or better, cellular: 336 62 73 26 10 .
Please no Whatsapp call!

Aharon Altabé
130 Boulevard de Belleville
75020 Paris

If you cann't reach me, I have two sons ready to perform your Brit Milah:

Rav Haim Altabé, Mohel, Rabbin de Domont Ezanville, 336 24 17 81 00


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