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Your baby has just been circumcised. He needs during the hours following his Brit Milah for rest, just like his mother. It's better that the child remains in diaper, uncovered by clothes or pyjamas, to facilitate the monitoring of the first day.
Until the lifting of the bandage, you clean the baby as you use to do: cleaning of the buttocks to the water and usual soap, or with your usual milk of toilet, then application on its Brit Milah of a Fatty gauze on a small swab gauze..
After the Mohel takes off the bandage, in the hours following Milah, here is the procedure:
- you clean your hands with water and soap, dry them and wash again with some alcohol on your hands, then cleaning of the buttocks with water and usual soap, or with your usual milk of toilet.
- On the scar pour a few hydrogen peroxide, then dry with two small compress , without rubbing.
- It may happen the first day a small bleeding, which disappears in a few minutes with compression with these two compress and three fingers, as I showed you to do.
- If a small skin comes to go up on the nipple, to take care to push back it downwards.
- After having dried the wound, powder it with ECONAZOLE POWDER (and no other product). This product is intended for the cicatrization of the wound, and will help, with compression with three fingers to stop the small bleedings which can occur the first day.
In case you did not find Econazole Powder, you may use talc.

(The first day only: apply to Brit Milah a Fatty Tulle compress posed on a small compress, without rolling up it around the wound.)
The second day, after having powdered the wound, put a disposable diaper, without compress.
Avoid the use of cotton on the wound, and the application of all other product that those advised by your Mohel.
- Towards 2nd or 3th day, the wound is papered of a white coating: it is the moment to apply twice a day the eosine (red colorant, but please, no polyvidone!!). The wound dries then into 2 to 3 days.
- the first bath? About the 3rd day.

In the event of difficulty or of doubt in the days or weeks following Brit Milah, your Mohel is the best one to help you, even by phone, you and he must be consulted before any other one.

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