The circumcision is performed among Jewish people since (and because) the order was given to our ancestor Abraham (Genesis, chapter 17), and was given again Lévitique 12. It was performed in Egypt at the time of the slavery of the Hebrews, then by Josuah in the desert before inheriting the Earth of Israel.
The Torah - Deutéronome- and the Prophets insist on the fact that the practice of the physical circumcision must be accompanied by the circumcision of the heart, namely a control of its aspirations and desires of the things of the world.
The Jewish ritual circumcision is carried out at the new born (of a Jewish mother) on the eighth day, even Shabbat or Kippour.
It can be performed only on a child in good health, free of any disease or infection, whereas the jaundice disappears.
Mohel use to come and see the baby 48 hours before the circumcision to examine the child, to give to the parents the list few things usefull to the achievement of its gesture (Alcohol, compress etc...) and to answer all the questions which they can have on the circumcision and the following days.
Het also gives a document describing the some care to carry out for a good cicatrization.
The parents must say to the Mohel any problem of health whose ignorance could harm the good course of the circumcision: jaundice, vomiting, loss of weight or not increase of weight, urinary infection or any infection, treatments or possible assessments in progress, maternal viral hepatitis or HIV seropositivity.
At that time, Mohel may require to have a look at the Ketouba (religious marriage certificate) of the young parents, or of the grand parents, or a certificate of conversion, or even birth certificate and others.

The use of the circumcisers of the Jewish community is of not circoncize non Jewish children and to let this job to surgeons.
Brit Milah of a newborn is not a medical act with the administrative meaning of the term, and cannot be the subject of a refunding by the National Health Insurance.

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